What is Chaos Free?

Has it ever happened to you that you just lost that very last 1% of remaining battery in your smartphone, and now you feel anxious and devoid because you are unable to access your phone and text messages; you are disconnected from your social networks and news feeds; or even worse, you are unable to keep working?


Chaos Free has a solution for you: an array of safe and efficient charging solutions for your smartphone, that you will find in public spaces such as restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges, waiting areas, gyms, spas and sport arenas.


With a Chaos Free charger, you will remain always connected to your contacts and to the latest news. Make the most out of your stay at your favorite locations while your smartphone is recharged safely and always at a glance.



Convenient & at your table

You will have your smartphone at a glance at all times

Safe & compatible with your smartphone

Chaos Free is certified for Apple and Android products

Available at many establishments

More and more trendy establishments are affiliated to Chaos Free

Chaos Free is an ecofriendly solution

We take care of recycling our battery units properly at the end of their shelf-life

Chaos Free Community



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• Are you running out of battery on the road? Not a problem! Browse our website to find the nearest Chaos Free establishment (Our app is coming soon)

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Chaos Free


What phones can be charged with Chaos Free chargers?

Our chargers can supply power to iPad tablets, iPhone 5 and above (Lightning connector), and most Android devices (Micro USB connector). If you require additional connectors for iPhone 4 or other models we can provide them. Please note a PC cannot be charged due to the amps limit.

How quick will a phone be charged with a Chaos Free Disc?

One of our discs will charge your phone from 0% to 100% in 45 minutes. A disc has enough power to charge fully two phones from 0% to 100% before it has to be put at the recharging dock again.

How long does it take for a battery pack to be fully charged again?

Recharging time varies according to the model. On average one of our units will take from 60 to 90 minutes to be fully charged in its dock.

Can I charge multiple phones at once?

Yes. Our Chaos Free Disc and Chaos Free Table models come with multiple connectors allowing you to charge simultaneously 2 or 4 phones.

Is this product safe for my phone?

Our products have all the required certifications to be used confidently by your guests including Apple MFI Certification, FCC, CE, and RoHS certificates.

Is Chaos Free an ecofriendly solution?

We take care of recycling our battery units properly at the end of their shelf-life, thanks to our partnerships with specialized third parties.

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About us


Chaos Free is a group of experienced professionals seeking to live peerless customer experience whenever they go outside to dinner, have drinks or meet friends. However, many times our own customer experience has been disturbed or interrupted by the because our mobile devices are running out of battery.

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    An adventurous traveller and a serial entrepreneur; her “let’s do it” motto has taken her to many fun business ventures.

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    Ana Maria

    Passionate about communication, “win-win” relationships, gastronomy, trail running and downhill skiing.

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    World music and world food lover. Also a strong believer in business 2.0 to create value to customers and the community.

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